23 / Oct 2020

The Boho Wedding N&E

N & E – Boho Wedding Let us tell you about one of our biggest dreams, which we made through because of our two main heroes – Ninka & Evgeni – two unique hearths, which we will always remember and stand by their side. Everything begins with a simple phone call and the question whether we are free on the specific date. Fortunately, we were! We arranged a date and met with the future weds. When we met them, we were 100% sure, they are the ones - our people – the ones of which we have always dreamed of… We were sure that if they choose us – we are going to create the wedding concept, colouring and everything else we have always imagined for a wedding like theirs. Everyone will say – ‘’Eh, how can you be sure after only one meeting?’’ – Just like that! After the weds shared their vision of a garden boho wedding, colours and their wedding invitations – we just knew that they love the different, colourful and fascinating. It was obvious – they wanted their wedding to be a feast for each one of their guests. They paid attention to each and every detail. ‘’And so what?!’’ – would have thought most of you - but we know and we are sure that everything works the best when you do it with LOVE ... But not everything ends here… They have gathered together an unique filming team – photography by Petar Begov and cinematography by Miryana Slivenska. And step by step our dream of a wedding, which were always been – colourful garden boho wedding with this exact same filming team – was coming through. About them we can only say – fresh, very different on filming boho weddings, and their shots are always breath-taking. Moreover, let’s continue with the team of professionals… The place was our favourite – ‘’Mavruda Garden’’, Yagodovo At this point, they were wondering about the DJ – weather to be a person from Plovdiv or Sofia . We on our side recommended to them different options of people we knew that work with passion. They trusted us and finally have chosen DJ Miro Mateiski – young and joyful professional. Rosen Nikolov and his team of young people, who love what they do, built the surround, additional podium and professional lightning. And you’re going to say – ‘’Who are they’’ – they are CUE Rentall. Thanks to them, the garden of Mavruda was unrecognizeble. We mentioned the additional podium, but why was this important to be told? – because the weds cherish the good music and have picked the best band ever – Mix Me and their vocals Editt and Georgi Zaikov. It’s been some time since the first time we met – and when it was followed by their call and the decision to choose us. We were their people for the floral decorations. Weds such as Ninka & Evgeni are a dream for each of our colleagues, because they are unique and responsible, organized, joyful and fast in taking the best decision. :) We can go on and on…but it will become too personal… The photos speak for themselves! We are thankful for the trust, thankful for realizing our dream, we are thankful for the humanity, and for the beautiful humans you both are! We love you – two different and beautiful souls – Ninka & Evgeni!

18 / Oct 2020

Wedding Chrisy and Ivan

The place – ‘’Mavruda’’ – a piece of beauty away from the big city, which will make every event more unforgettable and unique. Such was the story behind the wedding day of our weds – Chris and Ivan. Their warmth and faith towards us were reflected into the decorations we did for their special day. Their different ideas contributed for the uniqueness of the wedding details we created. The metal polygonal forms provided by the weds gave the whole idea art vision of the event. The two love birds and their attitude towards every detail took out breath away and made their fairy-tale more beautiful than ever. The wedding event was filmed by the storyteller – Georgi Kazakov. His view on every small detail gave the magical feeling of difference and uniqueness, which the weds wanted to recreate on their happy day. For us, to work with Georgi Kazakov, is a pleasure and we hope to have many more projects together. DJ на събитието беше Тихомир Тодоров – G-Agency, гр. Велико Търново, които спомогна за озвучение, водене на събитието и осветление. Изненада за гостите и родителите бе народна формация, която накара гостите да станат на крака и да се докоснат до българския фолклор. Допълнение към Welcome drink беше макаронената кула изработена от Bebba Macarons. Wedding maintable floral decor Guest table decor